My name is Steve.  I've been doing IT work for a while now and have more experience with end users than anyone should ever have.  I find that even though I've left the official Help Desk position, I still have to deal with end users.

This site is a way for me to deal with the pain.  To laugh at the misery.  To focus my hatred and rage towards something creative and positive.  I love fixing computers, I hate dealing with people.  That can be said by most IT pros, there is a reason we do what we do and why we keep doing it.  Some of us love the pain, the suffering, sadism of it all.  We're gluttons for punishment, we're digital roadies, say what you will, but we help keep the technological world spinning.

The main point of contention in the IT field is trying to figure out what the hell end users are talking about.  On the flip side, end users have trouble conveying what they are looking at because they aren't IT professionals.  This site is dedicated to helping close that gap.  Published within these pages are straight translations, synonyms and other definitions.  I've taking these from personal experience, from online tech communities and other tech pros.  If you'd like to submit something, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Keep in mind, some of these definitions are serious, some are funny, but they are all real.  Every single one has been used in the field.  "No way someone thought that..." you might hear yourself saying.  Yes.  Yes they did.  Computers befuddle and scare people into this state of mind where they common sense can not be reached.  I want this site to be a place to go where end users and IT folks can learn to understand each other better.  I want the end user experience to be one of correction.  They should come to this site and see something they say and see what it actually means.  I want the IT experience to be one of time saving and resolution.  They should come to this site and see something like "Period One" and not have to dip their minds into the depths of idiocy to figure out what their end user is trying to convey.

Please take some time to enjoy this site, share it, give feed back and most of all use it to make your life better.

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