Can we stop the nonsense?  This topic really came to a head for me when (and sorry if this is dated when you read it) the movie Batman v Superman had the same release date as Daredevil on Netflix.  First it was "Batman v Superman" vs "Captain America: Civil War" and the big hullabaloo was that they were opening the same weekend.  Oh no!  Nerds will have to see two movies in one weekend, our moms might clean out the basement if we're gone from it too long.  Seriously, who cares?  Why is this becoming such a big deal?  I'm a bigger DC fan than Marvel, but guess what?  I still love both franchises and after I go see Batman v Superman a thousand times at the theater, I'm going to come home and veg my lumpy ass out on the couch and binge Daredevil.

It doesn't matter.  No where in the world is someone like, "Gah, I can only see one movie...I have to choose one!"  No, we'll see both, Hollywood will make it's money and we move on to the next thing.  If Hollywood is concerned about making their money back on movies, why not keep them in the theaters longer?  I have kids and sometimes I want to be a polite parent and not take them to the opening weekend, so people who want to see the movie uninterrupted can.  They don't have to hear the talking or whining from children.  Sometimes, time gets away from me and I can't see the movie for a few weeks and it feels like by the time I do pencil it on my skedge (cool slang for schedule) that it's not screening any more.  Nor is it available on digital media.  Here is a movie, that I have money I want to spend to see, but I can't, because it was rushed out of the theaters to make room for the next load of horse malarkey.

One day we will live in a society where all of the movies and shows are made by on giant factory so we don't have to squabble over licensing and who releases what when.  They will all beamed into our brains and the chemical "nerdgasmium" will ooze through our veins.  Life will be glorious.  Until that day, can we cut the crap and just admit that we're all going to see everything as much as we can when we have the time to do so?