I just a call from a co-worker demanding that my boss (the IT director) immediately come to his office to figure out what’s wrong with his laptop.  I relay the message and my boss heads over, a few seconds later I get a call from that office, it’s my boss asking that I join him in helping him diagnose the problem.  So I waddle over to help him out.

Basically it’s a situation where he keeps pulling his laptop from the station and doesn’t shut down or forgets to turn off the wifi when docking so the domain connection takes over.  While we’re getting this sorted out he starts telling us what he thinks the problem is.

“It’s the ghost in my house.  I’m serious, I’m always having these weird electrical problems, lights flickering, there is a piano in the basement that is electric and just starts playing by itself!  My kids have named the ghost Bob.”

I do everything I can to keep from screaming, “Shut the fuck up and call an electrician, not the Ghostbusters, moron!”  Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there has to come a point where you common sense kicks in and you’re like, “Hm, maybe my three teenage kids are just messing with me?” or “Maybe this house I bought 3 years ago just needs some work done on it?”

How do you go from something weird happening to, “Welp, it’s a ghost, nothing I can do about it, I just have to live with it.”  When else is that acceptable in life other than having an incurable disease?  That mentality bugs the shit out out of me.