So, where I work, the computer naming convention is the company initials, then the letters "PC" then a random number.  So, for example it would be "JBPC123".  When an end user calls and we need to remote in to check out the issue we ask for their computer number.  Literally all I need them to say are the three digits, as everyone has the "JBPC" part.  Also, there is a big white sticker on the front of the machine with this information, so when they say "I forgot" or "I don't know", we remind them, it's on a big white sticker in the front of their machine.

Anyway, there is this weird thing that some people do here.  Instead of saying, "123", they will use part of the prefix.  Like say, "C123" or "JB123" or "C3".  What is wrong with you your brain that make you think that these are appropriate answers?  If someone asked your address do you say just part of it?  It's one of those tiny things that doesn't seem annoying to most folks, but when it happens day in and day out, it starts to grow this little tumor in your head that will eventually drive you insane.

End Users are the leading cause of madness.