But It Has To Pre-fill!

Got a call from HR yesterday, it's the yearly enrollment seminar time for health insurance. They said they are having someone come in and give a presentation, answer questions, help with forms, etc. Part of this involves a powerpoint presentation. That's where IT comes in. They need a laptop and projector set up in one of the boardrooms. No biggie, not a problem and hey, more than 24 hours notice? Fantastic! We get the equipment setup and tested, we even got the powerpoint in advance. Everything was good to go.

This morning, while dropping my lunch off in the freezer I decided to swing by and check on everything, since it was about 20 minutes before the first meeting started. I go in there and nothing is turned on, the three people the insurance company sent to present are just staring at the laptop like Derek and Hansel in Zoolander http://www.respect-authority.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/zoolander.jpg. Looks like I was going to have to intervene.

Me: "Everything OK, did you need a hand?"
Rep: "We were told that everything would be setup."
Me: "It is, you just need to power on the projector." ::I power on the projector, takes about 30 seconds to warm up::

At this point, the powerpoint presentation is on the screen, the clicker is inches away from their hand and I start to walk away.

Rep: "Wait! I have a video I need to show."
Me: "Ok, let's pull it up and make sure it works."
Rep: ::clicks through the slides to find one that has a hyperlink, clicks on it::

A page loads with a username and password field on it. The rep just stands there staring at it.

Me: "Do you have your username and password?"
Rep: "It will pre-fill, don't worry."
Me: "This is a secure login, generally they don't allow saved usernames and passwords, can you please try entering it?"
Rep: "I've never had to enter it before, something is wrong with your system."
Me: "You aren't connected to our system?"
Rep: "Wiffy (wifi), internet, whatever, you know what I mean, I'm not a geek."
Me: "The internet connection you are on is the same one everyone in this room is using and wouldn't effect your login credentials. For the sake of troubleshooting, could you just trying to type them in?"
Rep: "Ugh, hold on." ::picks up cell phone and places a call::

I overhear her talking to who I assume is her IT team and explaining that our system isn't compatible and that it needs to pre-fill. "It always pre-fills!" Then I hear, "Well, I can't type in the username and password because I don't know what it is."

What the fuck man? How is it 2016 and this person is paid to travel and can't use a laptop? Anyway, she ended up not using the video and giving the presentation anyway.